About Us

SSS Project is a non-profit organisation dedicated to awakening the curiosity of all to explore the power of the mind and the strength of the spirit.

SSS Project provides wondrous workshops, enchanting events and opulent objects, all created with great intent and gratitude, to inspire all who walk the earth to delve deeply into the treasure trove of their thoughts to find the secrets that lie within.

SSS Project is dedicated to remind all Earth’s lifeforms of their uniqueness and magnificence, empowering all to see the infinite possibilities, to seek to uncover the secrets of life and the spirit to speak the truth without compromise.

SecretSecretS Product Range

The SecretSecrets Range was created in secret by strong and powerful women to take you on a wondrous journey to explore the treasure trove of secrets that lie deep within. We believe that everyone has a tale to tell and secrets to share. The greatest gift you could ever give is the gift of your story, the story of who you are and the wisdoms you have gained from all of your unique and glorious life experiences.
SSS Project With Great Intent and Attitude

The SSS Project was founded
by women who are powerful and strong
who come together in secret
to find a place where they belong

They all saw the world
through different eyes
some lived local, others
came from far and wide

The most interesting thing that
we all hold the same
was the honest intent
to light each other’s flame

From their life journey
compelling stories were shared
worthy missions and visions
were also declared

We agreed to continue
in this illustrious style
to help other people,
make their great life worthwhile

From that day forward
the one thing we did conclude
everything we design and create
will be with great intent and gratitude


Daolin Paper

All SSS paper products are made from recycled Daolin paper. Daolin paper is wood free (not tree free). It is specially processed to remove the lignin from the pulp. This is important because it is the lignin is responsible for the yellowing and aging of paper. Daolin paper is archival quality, acid free paper, it is strong and resists damage from both light and air. Our high quality recycled Daolin paper is not only environmentally friendly, it will not yellow or become brittle with age. We know how precious your secrets are and we want them to be treasured for many years to come that is why we ensure that all of our journals and notebooks are made with recycled Daolin paper.

SSS Project Accessories

SecretSecretS Accessories

Your thoughts and words deserve to be treasured. SSS Project realises the importance of capturing the thought in the moment. We know you will want to carry your precious journal with you everywhere you go whilst preserving your books. SSS Project have created an indulgent range of accessories to perfectly complement your books and bottles of secrets.

How can we help you?

Whether it be to uncover the secrets of life or to share your stories, SSS Project is dedicated to helping you realise your magnificence.
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