A5 Journal | Unique Style


Size 148 x 210 mm (5.83 x 8.27 inches)


The greatest secret that you should know is that you hold the secrets, the ones yet to be told. Our beautiful golden embossed “SecretSecretS Journal” is created especially for you to write your secrets in. Our wish for these books is to be placed in the hands of those that shall scribe their life’s loves and pains, their experiences and adventures, their beliefs and their knowings, their art and their doodles. These books are intended to capture a magical moment or a whole life story. They are for each unique individual to scribe their interpretation of life. These books are for you to continue to indulge in the lost art of writing.

We thought about you a lot and because you all do things in your own unique way, you will notice the journal is small enough to carry everywhere you go to collect all your secrets in. There are 111 lined pages and 111 blank pages as some love to doodle and sketch with their writings.
The paper in our exquisite journal is 100gsm parchment style paper. As with all SSS paper products these books are made from recycled Daolin paper. Daolin paper is archival quality, acid free paper, it is strong and resists damage from both light and air. Our high quality recycled Daolin paper is not only environmentally friendly, it will not yellow or become brittle with age. We know how precious your secrets are and we want them to be treasured for many years to come that is why we ensure that all of our journals and notebooks are made with recycled Daolin paper

These journals contain a hand glued ribbon so you never lose your place.

These books as you will notice are a little special and quite unique, every edition of will always have hidden secrets in them. The journal has secrets written backwards because there is always an opposite to everything and sometimes, we need to remember the benefits of the perceived bad as well as perceived good. There are many secrets hidden if you look close enough and dare to ask the questions. Let these books be your mirror, let them reflect all that you are and all you are to become.

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